Arun Thilakan

Mansun Chembola

Anisha Idiyalil

Joison Poulose




‘’It’s time to have a treat, that’s royal in ways untold”

Get mesmerized with every morsel of our dishes that is brought to your table with the real flavor. We at Spice Village are committed to preserving a culture, tradition and standard in culinary tastes India making every meal a memorable one. Fresh as the first rays, the aroma and the taste of our dishes wins over your heart, making every feast turn out to be a festival in itself. Inviting words of praises and admirations, if you are a first-time visitor, you will find our cuisine versatile, ranging from paying real homage to things that should celebrate the simple clean or delicate flavors to going all out in presenting you dishes that explode with flavors redolent of spice and heat. We offer a richly-varied menu of high quality ingredients, wholesome sauces and house toasted spices and spice mixes. All of our food is freshly-prepared on the premises with a lot of love care and affection. Keeping in mind the ancient Indian cultural saying "Athithi Devo Bhava"(Guest is God) we put our guest ahead of us and thank you for patronizing our establishments. If you have any special needs, desires or requirements, we are just a phone call away. We will do our best that we can to please you. Come; get engrossed in the divine and pristine taste of our masterpieces dishes created by our master chefs.

The Spice Village opened its door in June 2007. This authentic Indian specialty dining restaurant is the brainchild of two friends Arun Thilakan and Mansun Chembola. Their love for the Indian food, aspiration to provide better customer service and innate desire to share their culture lead them into the world of restaurants. Last year Joison Manavalan joined into their team and all the crew have been working harder every day to serve and satisfy ever of our customer.


What our customers say about us

“Definitely worth every penny and will come back again hopefully for the lunch buffet.”

“This place delivers every time and if there is something you want that's not on the menu, they will make it for you.”

"I love their food! My family and I always do catering from here and also take out dinners! Their chicken tikka masala is great and so is their goat/lamb curry! I love how it's situated in the town of Bronxville. It's nearby  and it's a pleasant place to dine in."